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In Memoriam

John R Cheetham
John R Cheetham (47-53)
D H Meuryn Evans
D H Meuryn Evans (64-65)
David John Vernon Price
David John Vernon Price died in Canada on October 27, 2022, a few weeks short of his 98th birthday. He was born in 1924 in Llandovery, subsequently moved to Birmingham, before returning to Coll as a boarder. He left Coll in 1942 and emigrated to Canada ten years later. He returned to Wales several times in the 1990’s to connect with old classmates and friends at Coll rugby matches, a game he played, watched, and truly enjoyed.
William Howell Maybery
Howell Maybery died peacefully at his home in Neath on Thursday 22nd December 2022, aged 87 years. He was a boarder at Coll in the 1940’s where he was a proud member of the XV. Howell came from a family of Llandoverians, including his father, two uncles, his brother, three cousins, a nephew and his two daughters Emma and Sally Ann Maybery.
Owen Randel Jones
Owen Randel Jones 1940-1946
BHJ Jones
B J H Jones 1950 - 1958
William Vaughan Morgan Davies
William Vaughan Morgan Davies (58-62)
John David Pugh Evans
John David Pugh Evans (49-56)
Meirion Williams
Nia Hughes-Witcomb (nee Hughes)
Nia Hughes-Witcomb (nee Hughes) 87-98