Creating an environment within which passions can blossom is not confined to the classroom. Our extensive Co-curricular programme runs during the week and reflects both ‘breadth and depth’, allowing pupils to explore new interests as well as develop expertise in existing passions across a wide range of academic societies, sport clubs, drama and music groups.

The programme reinforces invaluable skills and qualities, developing empathy, loyalty, teamwork and leadership, nurtured most conspicuously in the College’s outstanding Combined Cadet Force and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Llandovery College embraces individualism. Elite sportsmen and women sing in the College Choir, they play the harp at concerts and win prizes for art. Likewise, boys and girls who thought they were ‘not sporty’ discover the thrill of participation through an inclusive and accessible co-curricular programme.

Duke Of Edinburgh - DofE

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is the world’s leading achievement award for young people and we are proud that the majority of our pupils are working towards multiple awards. The scheme develops the whole person –mind, body and soul- through a balanced programme of activities including volunteering and expeditions where we take pupils on a multi-day journey through the stunning countryside that surrounds us.


Combined Cadet Force - CCF

The Llandovery College Combined Cadet Force provides a vast array of activities, exercises and disciplines allowing young people to acquire transferrable social and technical skills, develop self-confidence and gain new interests that can last a lifetime.

We are proud that three pupils have served as Lord Lieutenant Cadets for Dyfed and with camps, shooting, caving, rock climbing, canoeing and even learning to fly a plane; joining the CCF provides the opportunity for pupils to exercise responsibility and leadership and develop self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance and a sense of community.

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